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Payne® - 4 Ton 14 SEER Residential Air Conditioner Condensing Unit . Payne® - 4 Ton 14 SEER Residential Air Conditioner Condensing Unit. Item #: PA14NC048000 ...

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The Lennox SL28XCV has a 28 SEER rating – the highest of any brand. Central AC efficiency is a measure of how much electricity the unit uses to cool your home. The less power it uses to get the job done, the more efficient it is. Efficiency is expressed in SEER – the seasonal energy efficient ratio (or rating).PH14NB. When comfort and affordability are at the top of your list, this 14 SEER cooling heat pump gets the job done. Offering the comfort you expect and the reliability you deserve, this heat pump with single-stage scroll compressor provides warmer climate heating and cooling all year long. Or pair it with a compatible gas furnace and ...If your Payne air conditioner isn’t working properly, you may need to reset the unit. To do this, locate the reset button on the control panel. Once you’ve found it, press and hold the button for five seconds. After that, release the button and wait for the unit to restart. If it doesn’t restart on its own, you may need to press the reset ...Description. PA4SAN42400N 14 SEER PAYNE 2T Air Conditioner. Replacement for. PA13NA024001-4922X81467 - 2-Ton 13 SEER R410A AC Condenser (208/230 V 1-Phase)

What you should know before moving air conditioner unit. Your air conditioner is not a plug and play appliance. Whether you need to simply "unhook" your out...Here are the most common reasons your Payne AC's condensing unit isn't running - and the parts & instructions to fix the problem yourself. Fix things more easily! En español Live Chat online. 1-800-269-2609 24/7. Your Account . Your Account. SHOP PARTS. Shop Parts; Appliances; Lawn & Garden; Heating & Cooling; Brands; Accessories; Start Right …Quiet performance (as low as 70 decibels) 1. Multi-speed blower motor for improved temperature and humidity control. Durably built to withstand weather and debris. Designed for corrosion resistance and lasting performance. Ultra-Low NOx models available for California. 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty*. 20-Year Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty ±.

This page is a Payne age of unit lookup– here is how to read a Payne serial number. How to Read a Payne Serial Number. Payne has used 5 different serial number styles since the 1960’s. Style # 1, the current style, has been used since the late 1980s and is used on all Payne HVAC units including furnaces, air conditioners, and heat pumps.Locate a Comfort Professional in Your Area. Payne ® has more than 400 distributor locations in the United States and Canada. To get started, choose a U.S. state or a Canadian province using the dropdowns. Country: State / Province: Find Payne distributors or service points nearby for heating and cooling products and replacement parts near you.

A ton of air conditioning equals 12,000 BTU, and 36 divided by 12 equals 3, so the data plate below indicates the system is 3 tons. Here’s a rundown of the range you will encounter: 18 = 1.5 tons, 24 = 2 tons, 30 - 2.5 tons, 36 = 3 tons, 42 = 3.5 tons, 48 = 4 tons, and 60 = 5 tons.Shop Covermates high-quality Payne AC covers, available in multiple materials, colors and sizes. Home; TV, AC, & Equipment; Air Conditioner Covers; Shop AC Covers by Brand; Payne; Filter Results (0) Clear Filters (0) Outdoor Air Conditioner Cover. Starts at $36.99 $36.99. Read 3744 Reviews | Q&A (41) Available Sizes. 24W x 24D x 22H 24W x 24D x …You can snake a clogged A/C drain line to remove blockages. Traditional plumbing snakes usually cannot navigate the 90* turns of PVC elbows, but a smart snake can. Be careful when snaking the drain that you do not push the clog farther down the line. Drain lines with PVC traps are more challenging to snake than those with smooth curvy …When it comes to installing a new AC unit, many homeowners focus solely on the upfront cost of the equipment itself. However, there are several hidden costs associated with a new A...Manage Registration. Confirm, edit or reprint an existing PAYNE product registration. Click Here

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This video provides step-by-step repair instructions for replacing the run capacitor on a Payne A/C condensing unit. The most common reasons for replacing th...

Among the highest-rated air conditioner manufacturers in today's industry, Payne sells a wide range of reliable AC units to keep your home cool. With costs ranging from $2,400 to $6,500 , Payne's moderate-efficiency air conditioner features a two-stage cooling process with a SEER rating of up to 16, dehumidifying your home and increasing your ...Payne air conditioners are designed for efficiency and durability. Key features include: Sealed compressors to minimize contamination and extend unit life . Protection from voltage and …General Price Range for Payne Air Conditioners. $2,800 to $5,500 (with installation) The price of your air conditioning unit will vary depending on the model, size, and installation cost. However, Payne delivers one of the most affordable air conditioning lines in the game, cheaper by almost $1,000 than its similar counterparts.Beat the summer heat with a portable AC unit. By clicking "TRY IT", I agree to receive newsletters and promotions from Money and its partners. I agree to Money's Terms of Use and P...Catalog No: SS---PY3G ---02 E2009 Payne Heating & Cooling Systems D 7310 W. Morris St. D Indianapolis, IN 46231 Printed in U.S.A. Edition Date: 11/09 Replaces: NEW Manufacturer reserves the right to change, at any time, specifications and designs without notice and without obligations.Your Payne ® home air conditioner, heat pump or furnace carries a limited warranty on all functional parts. Most Payne units feature an outstanding 10-year parts limited warranty.* Other key components, such as heat exchangers, may carry a longer limited warranty.

Friday, April 19, 2019. The third and fourth numbers in the serial number on the data plate are the year of manufacture for Payne, so the one shown below is from 2008. This format has been used from the mid-1980s to the present. The more recent Payne units we have seen don’t require you to know which numbers are the year of manufacture.Step 2: Check the Air Filter. Check the air filter to see if it’s clogged by holding it up to a source of light. If light doesn’t pass through it, it’s clogged and needs to be replaced. In addition to preventing your air conditioner from freezing, replacing the air filter can reduce the unit’s energy consumption by 5% to 15%.G wire (fan) connected to the fan control to operate a blower in your HVAC system. Y1 wire (cooling) connected to the compressor/refrigerant system. Y2 wire (second stage cooling) connected to the 2nd stage cooling system. C wire (common) wire to complete the circuit and keep power flowing.PA7T. Find a Distributor. Take your comfort to another level with our two-stage air conditioner. With nearly continuous, low stage operation, it delivers on several levels - extra-efficient with up to 17 SEER2 cooling, even temperatures, and whisper-quiet performance. Then, high-stage operation ensures continued comfort as conditions warrant.There isn't much difference in cost between Payne and Goodman air conditioners on the market. Payne's most costly air conditioner is the PA17NA, about 2-5 tons in size. This model will cost you $3,700 on average, including its installation. In comparison, Goodman installation costs for 1.5 and 5 tons range from $3,260 to $5,562.

Carrier is a brand name manufacturer of air conditioners in the US. Started by Willis Carrier in 1915, the company has a long history of making important contributions to the air High Performance HVAC | Heat Pump Reviews, Payne HVAC Reviews | 0 Comments. Payne Heat Pump Reviews | Consumer Ratings. Payne offers heat pumps from 14 SEER up to 17 SEER. HSPF ratings from 8.2 up to 9.5. HSPF or Heating Seasonal Performance Factor is the way the HVAC industry measures efficiency for heat pumps.

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is a crucial step towards joining the United States Navy. This standardized test assesses an individual’s knowledge and skill...Top Picks. Goodman 3.5 Ton 16 SEER Air Conditioner Model: GSX160421 – Best Overall Option. MRCOOL Pro Direct Residential 3.5-Ton 42000-BTU 14-Seer Central Air Conditioner – Best Budget Option. Goodman 3.5 Ton 14 Seer 80,000 Btu 81% Afue Gas Package Air Conditioner GPG1442080M41 – Best Gas Option.You can determine the size in tons of your Payne HVAC system by examining the model number on the data sticker at the side of the condenser (outdoor unit). Look for two numbers towards the end of the model number that are divisible by 6 or 12, and represent the nominal BTU of the system in thousands. A ton of air conditioning equals 12,000 BTU ...Payne 3 ton 14 SEER Air Conditioner, Indoor Coil and 80% BTU Furnacew. Brand: Payne. Brand. Payne. Capacity. 3 Tons. Cooling Power. 36000 British Thermal Units. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)The ACE test measures the level of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) in the blood. The ACE test measures the level of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) in the blood. A blood sa... Packaged Air Conditioner 14 PA4G. 13.4 SEER2 done. 11 EER2 done. As low as 70 decibels done. Built and tested for lasting performance, our pacakged electric air conditioner will beat the heat at your home for years to come. Payne offers dependable, affordable and energy efficient heating and cooling packaged units. Payne Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Ratings. Payne offers package units in the 2 to the 5-ton range. Their line-up of package units includes gas packs, straight air conditioners, and heat pumps. Package units are ideal for specific applications in residential and...

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PA13N. Find a Distributor. Payne ® solves your comfort problems with ductless comfort in new or converted spaces, rooms with hot spots, or other areas that could use a cooling infusion. This air conditioner delivers 13 SEER cooling ratings using the non-ozone-depleting R-410A refrigerant, no ducts required. 13 SEER.

Installed inside your home, evaporator coils are an essential part of any air conditioning or heat pump system. So when you need a new outdoor unit, Payne ® always recommends replacing the indoor coil as well to achieve maximum efficiency and performance. Our full line of evaporator coils provide all of the options and configurations your dealer needs …Step One—Turn Off Unit. The first step is to power down your air conditioner. First, make sure your thermostat is in the “off” position. Then, turn off your air conditioner. This can be done by finding the shutoff switch on your AC unit. Shutting off your system is a vital safety precaution that you should always follow.PA14NC. Find a Distributor. Offering the comfort you expect and the reliability you deserve, this economical air conditioner with single-stage scroll compressor can cool your summers for years to come. It's more efficient than an older model you may be replacing, and built to stand the test of time. 14 SEER cooling.On Payne outdoor units like air conditioners and heat pumps, the rating plate can be found on the exterior, back of the unit near the service connections. …Payne Pros. Value is probably the number one pro of the Payne range. They are very durable and score decently on efficiency (SEER rating) without costing a huge amount of money. Installation isn’t hugely cheap, but the Payne AC unit prices start from just $975, some of the cheapest on the market. Compact Heat Pump 38MURA. High efficiency at a great value. Our compact heat pump is designed for wall hugging installation and multi-family use when space is limited. Payne offers dependable, affordable and energy efficient, residential heat pumps, heating and cooling, efficient HVAC systems. These ratings also include ranging in EER from 11 to 13 with mid-range models splitting the difference in that group. Payne manufacturers heating and cooling equipment keeping it simple in design and affordable in price. They also offer basic equipment protection safeties such as high and low-pressure refrigeration switches for their air ... The PA3H is Payne's most versatile cooling unit and can be installed as either a ground or rooftop air conditioning unit. Its SEER rating is 13. The unit offers great durability against severe weather with a rust-free composite base and metal base rails for added stability and ease of maintenance. The below table shows the Payne air conditioner installation cost by model, along with an estimate for the installation of the AC unit. Unit Model. Unit Only Cost. Installed Cost. Running Cost. (based on 2.5 ton) Payne PA16NW. $1685. $3540.

I have a payne ac unit that the fan and compressor stopped working last night. The capacitor expanded at the top and was hot and humming. We replaced it this morning and the fan started as normal once we reset the breakers. The bad news is the compressor did not. Please advise on what you think would be the problem?I'm replacing a 21-year-old Goodman rooftop AC/gas heat package unit for my 850 square foot condo in a hot Southwestern desert climate, and am considering GrandAire, TempStar, and Payne units. All have similar specs on paper (2.5 tons and 14 SEER), but vary somewhat on price with the GrandAire being the most inexpensive.When it comes to installing a new AC unit, homeowners are often concerned about the cost. The price of a new AC unit installation can vary depending on several factors. In this art...Resetting A Malfunctioning Ac Unit. To reset a malfunctioning Payne air conditioner, first check for the red reset button on the exterior of the unit, typically near the bottom edge. If it is not visible, it may be located inside behind the service panel. If your AC unit is not cooling, it could be due to a blocked condenser coil.Instagram:https://instagram. what is the outside temp For a few years, all the brands were identical. Now, Daikin is the best-quality out of the three. It’s central ACs cost $5,000 to $12,000. Daikin central air conditioners are available in all performance levels. The best is the Daikin DX20VC variable capacity AC with 24.5 SEER efficiency. In this video, HvacRepairGuy reviews the 2023 Payne brand of central air conditioners. The reviews include the basic PA5S models and the premium PA7T units.Y... abc los angeles news Payne offers package units in the 2 to the 5-ton range. Their line-up of package units includes gas packs, straight air conditioners, and heat pumps. Package units are ideal for specific applications in residential and light commercial applications. They are best used in places where installing an air handler is difficult or impossible. belk coupons in store PA13NA. Find a Distributor. When keeping it simple is your bottom line, take a look at our entry-level air conditioner. This budget-friendly model includes a single-stage compressor for good, solid cooling performance. Enjoy the comfort knowing you've put your trust in Payne ®. 13 SEER cooling. 11 EER cooling. wher is xur Divide this number by 12 to get the tonnage of your AC unit. Most homes will use an air conditioner that is between 1 and 5 tons. Here are the numbers that you will probably see and the tonnage they represent: 12 = 1 ton (Rare. Most lines of condensing units start at 1.5 tons) 18 = 1.5 tons. 24 = 2 tons. 30 = 2.5 tons. five nights movie Recently-built Goodman air conditioning units are considered highly reliable, according to heating and air conditioning review website WebHVAC. However, the long-term reliability o... fox eleven What is the cost of a new AC unit, or what HVAC replacement cost can you expect? Carrier’s guide to AC unit costs, such as AC unit replacement costs and the cost of central air installation, will help you navigate features and price differences to make an informed decision. Carrier is here to help.The majority of Paynes AC units were designed for R-454B refrigerant. However, they have now replaced the R454B with the R-410A due to its more recent features and properties. Their most recent AC lines use R-410A on central air conditioning 15 and 16 series. Evaporator Coil. An important component of an air conditioner is the evaporator coil. optim rx Payne Air Conditioner Condenser Fan Motor. Genuine OEM Part # HC39GE237 | RC Item # 2378844. Reviews. Skill Level. We sell the real thing! Watch Video. $280.14. Condenser fan motor. This single-phase motor has the following specifications: 1/4 HP, 208-230V, 1.4 amps, 60 HZ, 1100 RPM, 1 speed, CCW, 48 frame, closed enclosure.If you're looking for help fixing your Payne Air Conditioner, look no further! Our comprehensive Payne Air Conditioner Troubleshooting guide will explain com...The minimum SEER rating you can get is a 13 SEER AC unit. Most of the best air conditioner brands will have a SEER rating from 14 to 21. The highest energy efficient air conditioner can go up to a 26 SEER rating offered by high tier brands like Lennox and other best AC brands discussed on this page. flights from ewr to london May 7, 2012 ... 1995 Lennox and 2008 Payne air-conditioners at my friend's new house! ... CHURCH UNITS IN COOL MODE. Xpress Bro 2•16K ... Low AC Refrigerant Charge ...PA13NA. Find a Distributor. When keeping it simple is your bottom line, take a look at our entry-level air conditioner. This budget-friendly model includes a single-stage compressor for good, solid cooling performance. Enjoy the comfort knowing you've put your trust in Payne ®. 13 SEER cooling. 11 EER cooling. sara's secret View online or download Payne PA10 Series Product Data, User's Information Manual. Sign In Upload. Manuals; Brands; Payne Manuals; Air Conditioner; PA10 Series ; Payne PA10 Series Manuals. Manuals and User Guides for Payne PA10 Series. We have 2 Payne PA10 Series manuals available for free PDF download: Product Data, User's … us number free The copper tube, enhanced sine wave, aluminum fin coil is designed for optimum heat transfer. Vertical air discharge carries sound and hot condenser air up and away from adjacent patio areas and foliage. The base pan is designed for easy removal of water, dirt, and leaves. COMPRESSOR:March 2024. The perfect air conditioner slides gracefully in and out of your window, cooling you quickly, efficiently, and silently. In other words, the perfect AC doesn’t exist. The closest ... doctoring game RATINGS AND PERFORMANCE SEER FACTORY PAYNE GAS SUPPLIED FURNACE OR UNIT INDOOR TOT. CAP. ENHANCE- STANDARD ACCESSORY ACCESSORY SIZE-SERIES MODEL BTUH MENT RATING TDR† TXV‡ *CC5A/CD5AA036 33,800 NONE 10.00 10.20 10.20 9.15 CAR**3614A** 33,200 — 10.00 — 9.05 CAR**3617A** 33,200 …First, make sure that the potential difference between its voltages is no more than 10% off from what was specified originally. For example, if your old 240-Volt capacitor needs replacing and you can only find one rated at 216 Volts, that should still work just fine since 216 is within 10% of 240 (240 x 0.1 = 24; 240 – 24 = 216).